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SERVPRO Addresses Water Damage In White Plains

SERVPRO technicians prepare the bathroom in this photo for cleaning and restoration services. We remove all fixtures and repair damaged drywall. Unrestorable materials are removed, and proper drying procedures are performed to help limit any losses the owner may experience.

A high moisture reading

When we come to your home or business we bring tools with to determine the scope of damage. Water damages can be tricky, to the naked eye a surface might look dry and unaffected. Our moisture meters will help find the saturated areas we can not see with the naked eye. We want to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Heavy soot damage

The picture shows how heavy soot damage can be in some areas after a fire. Our technicians will use SERVPRO cleaning techniques when cleaning a property after a fire. If the soot damage is heavy and has stained surfaces it will need to be repainted or replaced.

Lots of demolition

Why SERVPRO? We have the ability to handle large of amounts of demolition as needed. Our experienced and trained technicians can remove large amounts of affected materials in an effective and timely manner.

Sewage back up in a retail store basement

A retail store had a sewage back up and called us in to clean it up. The cause of the back up was a clogged sewage line from an abundance of hygiene products clogged the sewage drain pipe and backed up into a storage area. Our technicians were able to power wash and extract the affected area and treat it with antimicrobial agents.

A slope driveway directs thunderstorm downpours into the basement area

A fast moving thunderstorm with heavy rains drenched this neighborhood and the heavy rains rain down the driveway to the garage. The basement area behind the garage was flooded with a few inches of water. Our technicians were able to get as close as possible and extract the standing water from the flooded basement area.

Leaking kitchen island hot water feed line

The homeowner found a hot water line leaking on their center kitchen island after returning home from a business trip.The water line had been leaking for an unknown amount of time and the damage was extensive. Our technicians were able to save the hardwood flooring with the floor mat drying system.

Heavy rains flooded a basement

Heavy rains overwhelmed a homes sump pump and flooded this local home. The call was received after hours and our emergency crew responded and extracted the standing water and removed the carpet in the office area. The raised flooring needed to be removed to access all the moisture underneath and to facilitate an even drying process.

Carpet and pad removal from a water damage

One of our technicians removing and bagging up carpet and pad in a home that sustained a water damage from a broken toilet feed line. The water damage was not found for a week and the carpet and pad was removed due to heavy odor and the carpet backing separating from the carpet fibers

Smoke filled attic

The fire damage was minimal in this home. The smoke from the fire filled the attic space of this home and the smoke odor permeated the blown in insulation and had to be removed. Our technicians had to wear Personal Protective Equipment such as a tyvex suit, gloves and eye protection to protect them from themselves from the insulation. 

Water damage at a local bank

One of our certified and trained technicians removes affected drywall from a water mitigation job at a local bank. All of the affected materials were removed ,discarded properly  and cleaned with a plant based antimicrobial agent. 

Floor protection for a commercial job

A local business called us in to handle sewage removal from the basement area under their business. Our technicians set up plastic sheeting on the floor leading all the way to the affected area to prevent any sewage being carried to the main floor of the business. The protective layer is a precaution used to keep unaffected areas clean of any dirt or debris. We care about our customers businesses and handle every job with caution ,care and concern.

A leaky roof from recent rains created wet offices

A leaky roof created a water event when heavy rains came through our area. Our crew was able to get to the job in a timely manner to extract all affected areas and set up drying equipment to get the offices back to "Like it never even happened."

Retirement community had a multi-floor water event

This local retirement community had a pipe break on the 3rd floor of their building. They called us here at SERVPRO of White Plains and New Rochelle to handle the leak and damage from the water coming through 3 floors. We have the equipment and training to handle large or small commercial water events.

Basement apartment flooded

The owner of this apartment gave us a call after a recent heavy rainstorm that had torrential downpours happening intermittently flooded out their rental unit. Upon the initial visit we were able to determine that the drains at the bottom of the steps were clogged with debris and the homeowner also stated he did not hear the sump pump turn on .

We advised the homeowner to contact the professionals to look at the sump pump and we began our clean up process. Unfortunately the renter did not have insurance on their personal belongings and a majority of their personal belongings were heavily damaged and needed to be discarded.

Garage door opener caused fire

There was a garage door opener in the rafters of this home owners attached garage but due to an electrical issue the garage door opener caught fire. The fire caused significant fire damage to the roof and rafters. Secondary damage was caused by smoke and soot which found its way into the home. 

Our experienced and trained technicians were able to clean the soot off of  the homeowners possessions. Air scrubbers were also installed to remove the smoke odor from the air in the home.

We also removed the contents from the garage and store them here at our facility for when the insurance adjuster was able to sort through the contents with the homeowner and us.

Heavy rain storm and finished basement flooded after sump pump failed

A finished basement flooded during a heavy rainstorm the sump pump also failed increasing the damage to the home. The call was received after hours by our on-call person and the on-call techs responded quickly.

We handle heavy jobs

Why SERVPRO? When a toilet backs up severely or there is a sewage issue, let us handle it for you. We have the proper tools, PPE and training to clean up sewage jobs properly and quickly.

Heavy rains and sloping driveways

This home sustained substantial water damage from a heavy rain storm when their drainage system was not functioning properly and the water running down the driveway inundated their finished basement. 

SERVPRO Clean-up

We have access to dump large loads of debris from any size job. As we remove the debris from your home or business we bag it up and take it with us when we leave. WHY SERVPRO? We have the resources and man power to clean up your property whether it is water related , fire related or storm related our experience and expertise is vital in returning your property to a state of "Like it never even happened."


Whether the job is big or small, we have the vehicles for the job. We can transfer our technicians and crew or debris to be removed. We handle small and large jobs with ease.

Floor Mat Drying System

A Harrison homeowner had a major water leak that affected their wood flooring. We were able to get our floor mat drying system installed quickly in order to limit the damage from water by drying the floors out quickly.

Garage fire in North Salem

A garage fire that occurred in North Salem , NY . We had to clean the entire interior of the home and contents because smoke and soot worked it way through the entire home. We were able to provide storage for the families belongings and inventory it for the insurance company. The damage to the garage was so severe that the family had to rebuild it.

Convenience Store Fire

There was a fire at a local convenience store. Our crew removed all the contents which included shelving, inventory, counter tops, refrigerators and freezers. This is the space after everything was cleaned out.

Heavy Rains and Creek overflow

The local resident of this home was in the unfortunate path of a creek overflow due to heavy rain storms. The water rose rapidly and flowed into the finished basement of his home. There was several feet of water that inundated the basement as seen by the water line on the exterior of the house .  We were able to remove all affected materials walls, floors and damaged personal items after an inventory was complete for the insurance company. We also helped him find HVAC and Electrical contractors to check all appliances, HVAC systems in the affected areas  and the wiring in the house.

Hauling debris from work site

Here at SERVPRO of White Plains and New Rochelle we are able to remove any of the material we have to remove from your home as it is taken out. We have 2 large box trucks available to haul debris and keep your home or business as clean as possible during the water mitigation or fire and smoke clean up process. 

Personal Protective Equipment

One of our highly trained technicians in the crawl space of a local business cleaning up and extracting Catergory 3 water , raw sewage from a backed up city connection. Training and protecting our technicians and customer homes and businesses is a major priority for us here at SERVPRO of White Plains and New Rochelle.

Cafe fire and smoke damage

You can see the significant difference on this wall from the SERVPRO sponge we use for soot cleanup on hard services. After one pass there is a big difference and our crews will wash the walls with Wall and All after wiping down all the surfaces. Sometimes it takes a few passes of the sponges to get as much soot off as possible.

After all the surfaces are sponged and washed we had our air scrubbers running to clean the and remove the smoke smell from the air particles in the café . The customer was satisfied with the work we did.  

Frozen pipes in Pound Ridge, NY

The oil tank in this house was empty and the baseboard heating pipes throughout the house burst in multiple locations on multiple floors. The kitchen ceiling was so saturated that the drywall absorbed an excessive amount of water and collapsed under the weight. We were able to get all of the wet drywall and floors out of the home and facilitate drying in a timely manner.

Water Damaged Wood Floor?

We have the equipment for that! This is part of the equipment we used in a West Harrison home to remediate the water damage to heir hardwood floors. The customer was happy with our immediate response and their floors were left "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Convention Truck

Just getting settled back from the convention. Had a blast meeting other franchises and learned a lot about how to make our franchise even better!

Brand New Extractor!

Our brand new state of the art extractor just got in yesterday. This should make things much move much quicker if we have a large amount of water to move on the job. Hopefully, we won't need to use this on your property but if we do know we will make it "Like it never even happened" that much faster.